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A man races toward a perceived goal in his bold plans
A woman’s perception similar,
But the true goal of life races steadily towards them.
Destiny as a thick cloud on the horizon
Grows larger and larger
Until the winds roar
And rain falls in torrents
Lightning and thunder command the heavens
The earth is covered
Nothing untouched.
Our generation mostly stares blankly ahead
Time is short for mankind on earth
Old selfish order already passing
Even as the deceivers deceive
And the wicked act wickedly;
Even as Lucifer pulls his strings
Those he controls dance and sing on cue
Pretenders who think they control money
Pretenders who think they control armies
Pretenders who think they control nations
Pretenders who think they control the world,
They manifest his ways and manner
With ruthless and brutal cunning,
Heartless and savage to the core.
Many poor wither away
Many are sadly cut down in their prime
Children fall as piles of garbage in the streets,
Precious life treated cheaply at best.
Various delusions of enlightenment, afterlife on parade in shapes and forms
As a fantasy, an unholy whim,
A Godless eternity, with Godless, arrogant man;
They cruelly drag down women and children with them
Leave them sick, naked, cold and starving.
But the Champion of mankind stands as the highest mountain
Fills the earth and beyond,
Lord of all women
God of all children,
In triumph has made a Way for all who hunger and seek Him,
Yeshua, Shepherd for all who cross over in faith,
Who take hold of Spirit reality
And stand in confidence truly at the threshold of the huge pearl gates,
Marvel at the jewels of life, angelic powers, emerald rainbow
Wonder at the amazing beauty, the untold majesty
And the Gentle One always near,
Always at the side
To comfort
To wipe away every tear from eyes that now see.