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The present time will run out
Even as the sun and moon come and go;
Markers set will fade away.
A city with light of its own rises
Radiance of the Holy Son
Glory of Heaven,
Jerusalem fully clothed for her wedding at last;
The old will become new
A Throne of righteousness,
A King of faithfulness on it.
Eternity openly, clearly rules at last
All the beautiful robes
Beautifully worn
Crowns of pure golden truth upon all of the heads,
Glow of honor
Smiles of thanksgiving
Delightful atmosphere of praise all about.
Many now walk the earth as if time is in their control
Cozy, deep within a comfortable pocket
Like coins jingled as we move along our personal chosen path,
Not a care, not a worry in the flow of self control
Confidence in self, confidence in the world and its supreme independent ways;
But, soon the curtain of stark reality,
The sudden shock as a veil is dramatically drawn away
And man and woman are revealed, shown completely vulnerable,
Completely exposed
Every lie shown to be just another lie
Deceitful arrogance and pride completely naked.
The gilded woman of America
Pokes her finger in the eyes of a bear,
Scoffs at a dragon and others
Proudly sits astride an ugly beast
And laughs in perverse self-confidence;
As she turns her crowned head the bear rears up
Huge, powerful and blood thirsty,
Mystery Babylon, one day in time to be forgotten
Left down in the filth and dust of this world,
To become simply dust, nothing more.