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A gem is polished
Precious stone made even more precious,
Within the “within”
Inner sanctuary of the human being;
The Lord remains steadfast in love
The Faithful One
Most intimate fellowship with our hearts and spirits,
Care for our bodies,
He remains faithful, steadfast in love.
Outwardly the body wastes slowly away
Steadily bends and eventually bows to the earth,
The gravity of physical reality simply overpowers
A weight too heavy
A force too strong;
Youth and youthfulness fly away trembling,
Wings stroke the air feverishly
But they tire
Feathers frayed
And the ground rushes up suddenly towards them.
Inwardly the spirit always soars
Flies about in zealous freedom,
Greater sensitivity
Kingdom lightness carries so easily on gentle winds
Heaven’s peace as a soothing breeze;
Below calm waters dance at the oceans’ shorelines
Invisible waves of love cover.
The soul and spirit rise from within
Soon to be completely set free
Soon to fly high above in the Spirit of the Father
In the Son’s touch of renewal
His kindness that lifts another
As His goodness wells up
Until that fountain of joy gushes
And another man or woman enters the delight of Heavenly rest.