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A lost soul seen walking along a lonely road,
Dressed poorly
Heavy steps taken
Back hunched slightly,
Just one of many noticed lately
Trudging along a nearby highway
Some miles from a small town
Dry summer fields in all directions,
The sun baking from above
As one of the few things given in his life lived out,
Struggles, disappointments
Failures and heartache
Thickened skin of a soul, rough and toughened;
Cars pass by at speed limits
Few drivers notice, fewer even take a look.
Oh, the value of a soul, the price, the cost poured out,
And the path of human choices somehow taken,
A walk of circumstances more than luck or chance;
Messiah’s Cross alone, Heaven’s sovereignty draws us all together
Rich and poor, weak and strong
Young and old, male and female.
More than the sun and moon above
Divine compassion looks intensely below
Watches each footstep taken, nothing missed,
The Lord waits patiently for the designed opportunity
The times set for them
Exact places to live, to be
Optimal moments, optimal circumstances;
People and places brought together in time
That they might hunger and thirst
That they might search and seek
That they might finally reach out
Grasp for reality
And touch the kind hand of Peace, and soon see the face
Of the Living God!