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Rain falls from the sky
The earth is watered with generosity
Plants drink deeply,
Humans and animals flourish
Such a rich gift from above.
Yet, many are annoyed
Plans and trips and outings upset, delayed
Picnics and times in the park, a hike along a trail disrupted
And many are simply angered;
Oh, desert world spiraling downwards
Difficulty piled upon difficulty
Economies strangled
Nations wither away,
Severe hunger stalks the land
No good wheat bread as Grandma baked
No rice or corn, natural grains scarce!
Then the generous gift of God,
Before all eyes
Clear, plain and fully revealing;
The Ancient of Days sits enthroned, watches and listens
The Father of love and compassion,
A “river of fire flows before Him” as written,
His Words sent forth, fly swiftly
Precise and sharp
Holy arrows of silver and gold.
The Anointed One carried the burden, also the holy water
From Heaven to earth and now to every dry mouth,
All who honestly thirst
A free drink of living water;
How wonderful the heavenly gift
Sweetest and purest water
Most refreshing drink.
This one and that one walk the nations of the earth
Strangers, yet known
Clay vessels that carry the sacred trust
Goods seeds that have fallen to the earth
Died to self, multiplied into abundance,
In humble obedience, to honor their Shepherd
To offer His free drink to others, to anyone who thirsts,
To share living words of love and hope,
And Messiah’s peace that flows
As through the fingertips of one who sits quietly by a mountain stream
Hand dipped into the cool waters
Eyes looking at the reflections from above.