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A Voice of power speaks,
A thunder of authority is heard by a vast multitude
A great host from all the generations
Centuries of the few who sincerely listen,
From day to day, year to year
Always a few added here, a few added there
Some even faithful to the end,
Steadfast in love
Forgiving, merciful, compassionate
Persevering in every trial
Standing true in the face of the enemy,
Separated from the greater numbers.
The many others listen to eclectic voices
And the sounds whispered within,
Voices of new enlightenment who guide
Apostate religious
Who control, who artfully deceive,
Pretenders of “self within”
Intellectual seducers, vulgar and slovenly.
But the few from every nation, every tribe
Every generation from the beginning
Gather in force, overflow an ocean
Swept up into the power of love
Victorious in every way
Every meaning and concept of real life
Beyond the mere physical,
Eternal youth a precious seal of honor;
A banner of pure love covers the doorway
Sweet and holy presence at the feet
Perfume fills the house
Fragrant love and gratefulness, a most selfless gift.
Communion in lasting covenant
Joined as one in the highest ideal,
The most practical walk of peace and grace
Fills the Universe, fills the heart,
To always care for the needy at hand
Along any road of travel, any road of life
To care for the needy
More than simply physical poverty.