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Eyes look above
Then return to the dirt and toil of this place,
Hard work surrounds the common soul
Daily efforts to earn bread
To always satisfy the demands of others,
To please the often hard hearted;
As release for another night
Sleep often the only good reward.
The hands of many children labor
Faith held close in small things
Day by day counted in the chores of this life
Gathering things together,
Separating things apart,
To plant a seed
Water, much care and eventual harvest,
And then the renewed cycle carries on and on.
Seemingly the only real justice
True satisfaction and fair worth
Streams down from above
As in a song given to the soul
True gifts from Heaven alone.
In the midst of these generations
Centuries of those who struggled the very same
Drudgery of wasted days
Sadness of wasted lives,
Those who worked the earth
Built up, and tore down in warfare
Gathered and scattered,
The steadfast churning of numberless forgotten names
Who watched as rivers flowed into the sea
And yet the sea never got full,
The endless toil and sweat of men and women
Living out the curse birthed because of Adam,
And like Adam and Eve, they cry out for their Redeemer
Who heard from Heaven;
He who remembers every tear of every name,
Who truly longs for the poor and needy, humble of the Earth
To simply reach out in that need
And turn eyes and hearts to Him.