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Early morning,
Waiting for the new birth
A day that never was
Soon to be
Lord of sunrise, Lord of sunset
Creator of joy in a human heart,
Shine forth!
Eternal Words of shalom spoken
Timeless power, truth displayed
With beauty and truth woven together
Even as power and authority walk in the same footsteps;
Fading patterns among the stars above
The earth portrayed as an unfolding drama,
A revealed garden of delight
First for God
Then for mankind to share in such goodness,
Beyond imagination
All in the freedom of love
An atmosphere alive with fragrances
Aroma of the Creator’s brilliant touch
As light radiates from fingertips
Emerald rainbow about the Throne.
Silver arrows fly from angels’ hands
Thunder, lightning, rumbles
Roars of a triumphant Lion.
More and more shown in an endless flow
River of delight full of holy water
Creative river of life,
A small portion wells up and out from the new born human spirit;
The stars above seem to dance and celebrate the passing of darkness
As the Light of the New Day reigns victoriously.