OUR FATHER (NIV take-off)

*”Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name,”
-Only a fool would reject God’s reality, and sovereign love for His own
*”your Kingdom come,”
-As Messiah was revealed to the world for all generations
so His authority will be powerfully seen in infinite detail by all
*”your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”
-Every knee will bow and every tongue confess His Lordship
willingly or by an iron scepter
*”Give us today our daily bread.”
-True believers read His Word, and pray without ceasing throughout each day
*”Forgive us our debts,”
-We look to the Cross of Israel’s Messiah as our only source of mercy expressed, experienced
*”as we also have forgiven our debtors.”
-We live a life of shared mercy in love just as Yeshua walked out His short life in human form
*”And lead us not into temptation,”
-As long as we are in our human bodies, we are subject to all kinds of temptations
to be stubborn, to rebel, to ignore the leadings/control of the Holy Spirit, to feed the appetites
of our self nature, to give in to pride and fears and such earthly garbage strewn about,
to forget that we have died to self
*”but deliver us from the evil one.”
-Satan,the fallen angel Lucifer lusts to destroy humanity completely,
his dark power would swallow us up and then vomit us into the dirt if our Lord
didn’t keep him on a leash of sorts as basically a wild dog; he deceives nations,
how much easier a simple individual, a person like you or me. We are compelled to take refuge
closer and closer to our Lord, becoming more like Him. And to stop flirting with the world!

Peace, Gary B.