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Death stands before every human
A cold fact that haunts many
Terrifies others
Numbs most into ignorance and apathy,
Pretenders who love to pretend;
But reality surrounds us
Presses firmly against our minds and wills.
Lies of Satan multiply daily
Any and every way used to deny the truth,
We will all die
Our bodies destined for the impartial earth,
Eventual decay holds firmly to all
The pain and tragedy of loss
Dilemma of the very taste of eternity near
Yet, cut off from our mouths in the end.
There is only One
The honest and faithful One
Who taught and showed us His life, the life of His Father,
Who displays absolute power and authority,
Over Heaven, over Earth and all it contains,
Over the fallen angel Lucifer, his numberless slaves
Over the elements and all that is called human
Seen and unseen.
Only One has honestly, fearlessly faced death,
And destroyed it forever!
Now, a new door stands open
A free choice of life over death offered
Most wonderful escape for the spirit and soul,
A miraculous spiritual body to follow as Messiah showed us.
How marvelous the plan
How majestic the wisdom
Great the love, deep and high the mercy,
Delightful the Eternal Presence.
Truth has been championed to all
The beauty of creation sings this pure and simple song
With silver trumpets and strings, angelic voices, the fragrance of Heaven in worship
Voices of the countless souls, flock of the redeemed
All honor the only Life
Praise the only Way
Purest Truth of the Word made flesh;
Yet, most humans turn away.