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The tides come in
The tides go out
Waves of an ocean of thoughts flood the mind,
Memories of the past both good and bad
Minute details long forgotten
Suddenly rise up;
Imaginations, fantasies, day dreams dance about
Often innocent, child-like, free-spirited,
A light hearted soul walks a sensitive, tender path.
Then, something else rises up, settles in
Copies your inner voice
Quietly or loudly
As a rush of wind
Or as a subtle gentle breeze;
A dark or brutal, savage display
Fear, sexual eroticism, a seductive perversion of body and soul,
A lie covered by a warm blanket
Or a lie as covers violently ripped off.
The mind of calm and crisp delight
Becomes a battlefield,
Dividing war of tugs and pulls
Thoughts and impressions pour through doors forced open,
And what can a human being do?
A young woman, an old man
Grandmother or grandson
Anyone, everyone alive vulnerable.
Yet, a divine Sword always stands nearby and ready
Written Words of power
Ancient scribed Words of powerful truth, authority
Placed in the heart
Written on the mind
Memorized and used as pure weapons!
Each dark violation caught in a snare
Subtle or blaringly loud
As a slight tremble or roaring thunder,
In the Holy Name above all
Authority is quickly flexed,
The intruder driven out
Over and over again until boundaries defined
Moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day
Numberless times in a body life proclaimed -“It is written…”.
The mind of a disciple controlled in transparent discipline
Thoughts filtered and controlled in steadfastness
Things sorted out in sharpened practice
And the whispers of the evil one driven out!
Peace meditates peacefully
As the human spirit rests always in control.