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Needed rain falls from heavenly clouds
And waters the thirsty earth
Then the sun shines brightly
And many plants spring up,
Blossoms grow with the sweetest fragrance of life
Splendid flowers covered with the aroma of Messiah,
The Spirit of worship.
Lush fruit fills the chosen land of Zion
Radiant Mount Zion where love trumpeted eternal truth,
Shook the earth
As the Word of God proclaimed-
“Eternal life for all!”
A steady shower of grace comes upon God’s children
Good seed planted freely
Sown by hands of love in most fertile soils
Seeds that die to themselves in the natural
Then sprout, deeply rooted in the Spirit
Fertilized by perseverance
Watered with endurance,
A stem rises up into a multiplied seed cluster,
Whether the fruit of many new trees or shrubs,
Or grasses with grain heavy in the fields.
All plants with beauty of form and purpose spring up
A rich abundance weighs down lightly
Until the many divine children bow prayerfully on earth
Hands and hearts lifted in purest worship,
Tears of love run down cheeks.
The essence of creation on wonderful display
To all the eyes on earth,
All the ears in the world;
Angels of holiness above and quietly among us,
Dark forces that rebel below,
All that is or ever will be.
And the Father looks with favor
Pleasure in His only Son overflows from the Universe,
Seen also in the numberless pure flower children
Bearing the fruit of Messiah’s abundance in their present lives
The Light of Yeshua’s life
Lived out to the Father’s delight,
And He is well pleased!