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Tried, tested and proven true
Beyond any doubt in a human mind renewed
Rests above any fear of the heart
Peace through every circumstance of life;
Each new day unfolds revelation truth
As a man stands in the blazing beauty of sunrise, and is blessed,
As a woman stands in marvel of the dramatic sunset, and is blessed.
Real trust, only a divine gift
An inner knowledge of Sovereign control,
Spirit wisdom in each droplet of rain that falls,
Every tear that runs down a cheek in sorrow or sadness
Or tears of joy, tears of laughter,
Every human passion experienced
Crowned with a taste of true Spirit character,
Even the character of Yeshua!
A child taught in the beginning to trust while against his mother’s breasts
Always secure in Heavenly arms of trust
Once lost, now as a baby cradled within a womb of safety.
A child of God who drinks daily the milk of God’s written Word
Who matures as a son or daughter,
Always stands prayerfully in the strength of their Lord;
Trust swims confidently in a sea of troubles
Currents of encouragement follow and carry
As winds of comfort blow softly about
Gentle blue sky of compassion above,
Smiles at the future, at peace with the past
Sun rays of the present assurance soothe with tender warmth.
Many victories joyfully knitted together
An exquisite tapestry in line, silk and dyed wool,
The greatest prize a finished work
Most absolute victory, complete gift in life
To see and trust in our God, the Bread of Life
To hear and trust in our Messiah, Living Water within and without.
The Lord our Trust
You opened the door of Heaven that no one can shut
You closed the door to a world of our consuming sin no one can open,
Indeed, the Lord our Trust.