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A shelter from the storm,
When money runs out
Food and drink scarce
Riots begin
Looting and violence grows,
The cry of children becomes louder and louder!
Wisdom reaches out
Down past thick clouds, past the fog of self
The pride of man and woman.
Pure wisdom from above sees the naked helplessness
Takes hold of daily bread
Looks to the Rock gushing with water,
Things better than gold
Better than silver, jewels and the finest clothes
Even the royal estate on the highest hill;
To know the Shepherd
In a sudden glimpse of revelation,
Becomes true meditation discovered
In eyes fixed, thoughts fixed in a grown disciple
The Lord always at the side.
The face of kindness,
Look of gentleness
Tender knowledge of your being,
Roar of a Lion,
Power that melts the highest mountains
And shakes the earth as a rag doll;
From the beginning to the end
Wealth of uncommon treasures,
Eyes of mutual love have followed the footsteps,
In the passage of time
Passing of another body on earth
Every tear measured, written down.
Each sincere longing of the heart
Every honest desire of the soul
Our love and protection displayed in many small ways,
In the largest, most dramatic moments as well
Love of our Shepherd
The One faithfully followed by the numberless of generations,
Wisdom to live and eternally survive
Penetrates all about us from within our spirits
His all powerful Spirit covers more than can be understood.