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Friendship rains down from heaven
The gift of water upon a thirsty land,
Oppressive heat and scorch of needs;
A thirsty soul, lost and alone
Seemingly cut off
Lonely in difficult circumstances
More than an empty desert of troubles.
From another place a mysterious man of compassion steps forward
From a place of brightness as eyes are temporarily blinded by the sun
The brightness, the intense light overwhelming,
This person seems to step out of the sun light itself,
Rays about the head, from the face,
A cup of cool water in hand.
Without any words he offers it freely to dry lips
A ready parched throat,
Too hard even to form words.
Then, eyes see a caring smile
Ears hear calm words of comfort
A gentle touch
And the drink is tenderly given,
The drink offered, gladly taken
And this new day is revived.
Amazingly hope renewed,
Old visions made once again sharp and clear
Vivid and alive with the Spirit drink received!
Daily bread, daily drink
At a time of greatest need
In a sweet change of a refreshing moment
Of Heaven’s reality, “in Heaven’s eyes”
Old, beautiful songs dance from these lips
Dallas, McHugh, Green, Girard, Paris and so many others,
Praise of God revived in time in this world.