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Children at heart
Who have lost their innocence,
Lost any grasp toward true reality
Forgotten the Way to pure simplicity
The place of peace and contentment in this life;
The Lord who is Peace calls
But too few have ears to listen,
Noise of this life
Noise of the mind
Noise of the evil one
Chatter of the tongue
Cell phones and social media a thick wall.
There are moments
When things return of experiences in circumstances
Times and places
People who truly loved, who you sincerely loved
A unique warmth of the soul that easily drew others close,
Those who were able to care,
With a different inner strength, a quality to serve;
Oh, to really love a stranger, a neighbor
Another even as yourself,
To put others always first
To live fully in the humble ways, as the Master taught
Who showed us His Way!
The Spirit voice within cries out for change, for return
Ancient written words compel
Heavenly love patiently coaxes,
Life that is true life calls out,
What was lost to be restored
Seeds planted long ago can yet grow in our time
A wave of revival can still move over the land
Wash over the countless hearts
Still bear good fruit.
Some will come to their senses
Realize the thick veil of deceit that is America,
The fog of poison that covers our country;
Some will separate, come out of her
Stand in lasting freedom at last
Find rest in the cool shade of the “tree of life”
While the earth’s ground all about
Quakes and burns.