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Now at rest, in peace along the calm shoreline of time
As the endless sea of love
Sends waves of caring, of goodness
Waves of steadfast love and compassion
That wash over my soul and spirit.
The literal divine Presence
Holy Presence of God the Lord Creator
Hand of divine Spirit favor upon a man,
Upon a woman chosen
As children of grace;
Lifted high in the sight of the Holy Lord
The Savior who rescued
Life Blood poured out in most sublime mystery,
Redeemer who broke the eternal snare.
The One who poured out love on the hatred of the world,
Rebellious, evil world
Stubborn, foolish world!
The power of holiness rests within
Authority of holiness carried up from the heart,
Covers all words spoken;
A new life lived out before the Eternal Throne
Watchful eyes that see
Eyes of justice that penetrate with intimate knowledge.
Eyes of peace
Eyes that look only with love
And see a joyful future
For the man who truly worships,
For the woman who looks in awe to the Shepherd with reverence,
Eternal Spirit worship wrapped about
With arms of true and lasting love.