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Idealized, imagined, freedom to choose
To come and go in total satisfaction
To rest in peace and comfort,
Embrace contentment.
But each person is born into slavery
Each one lives out a common life
By nature a slave to the world,
A slave to self, to sin against the Holy God of Creation;
Body destined for the earth,
Air we breathe, water we drink
Food from the soil, food from the creatures in the water,
Food from things that feed on the earth,
All in a tightly closed cycle of birth and death.
Body chemistry
And the soul joined to the ways of the world
The finite ways of the earth;
Yet, this man churned for more,
Internal suffering, inner mental torment only grew with age
The beauty seen not enough,
America not a dominant icon to honor and exult.
Pleasures experienced fell short
Mysteries yearned for
More desired of the unknown
Even natural human beauty limited.
In moments of child-like innocence a heart cries-
“Something is missing still!”
The spirit groans for release
Soul seems to waste away
The will becomes numb
Body pulled down by the earth
Until…suddenly, a miracle of mercy from Heaven is revealed!
True hunger churned, thirst reached out
And Messiah was discovered to be truly real,
The only Lord of reality, above heaven and earth,
Yeshua revealed in peace and knowledge and eternal beauty.
Now my soul cleaves to Him
In spirit rebirth
This spirit came alive in Him;
What was dead, now alive
What was lost, now found
Beyond mere thought or imagination,
True freedom from death and “self nature” comes to another
Who has listened and learned from the Father,
And at last found the WAY home through His Son.