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A deep sense of eternity
Seated within the human experience
Natural mind, will and soul,
Yet, no power to grasp
No way to fight through the fog
No true wisdom or authority to take hold.
Poor, conflicted man
Restless, anxious and frustrated woman
The secret treasure of life so illusive
As riddles and puzzles
Difficulties and troubles galore,
And then the misunderstood parables of the Great Shepherd
Blow loud trumpet calls that can’t be truly heard!
Yet, the majestic work of God in a life from inception displayed
From the very beginning to the very end;
Suddenly the ability to believe is given from above
The Spirit power to receive
Divine wisdom to understand what is true
To sort out, discern what is false,
Salt of mankind loses its saltiness so easily.
But one man knows
Among so many who try to drink from the one cup
Eat from the same loaf,
Bitter taste of the world a fading memory
Sour taste of the “self life” drifts away on distant winds.
Though shadows of the past may return
And seek to linger,
A more powerful light drives them back
In a constant tension, ever present spiritual dynamic
Choices for good from day to day,
Always to love first
To be watchful and alert
To forgive and walk in peace.
A new life of worship given as new wine flows wonderfully
The inner spring always fresh as the future wells up,
This grateful vessel
This thankful soul,
Looks with confidence in hope
As the future is always now.