Small the gate
Few the number
The remnant by Sovereign choice,
Those who will enter, who will follow
Those who will to love to obey Him,
Compelled by Messiah’s love, ruled by Yeshua’s peace.
A separated people
Called out of this world, rejected by the world
Misunderstood, unknown by the people of the world
Hated by the people of the world,
Just as He was!
Many grasp at a place to rest
Seek a secure, permanent place
Marvel at the wealth of some
Wonder as money flows through their own fingers;
But there is no place on earth
However naturally beautiful, lifting the soul for a moment,
No place, no rest, no secure foothold in this world
No photograph that lasts
No refuge, none to be found here.
The small gate to Heaven
Made clear in the greatest drama, thrown wide open for all
Transparent gate of protection, of lasting strength and lasting comfort
Gate of truth and peace during our brief stay in our bodies,
Relative moments as an early morning dew, or thin mist upon the earth.
We all wrestle with death, and the fallen “death angel”,
Flee to escape
Seek to escape
Hide within or hide without,
Tunneled cities below the ground,
Islands in mysterious hidden seas,
Illusions and delusions without numbers.
A child stares alone one dark night at the bright stars above
Heart broken, spirit crushed
And, suddenly sees,
Portrayed high above in patterns and symbols
Stars as angels proclaim
Creation and salvation and more made clear
Escape is shown in life in the only Savior
The door of His Cross thrown open
Arms of love reach out
To all who seek, who reach out at last
The greatest mystery discovered and understood by too few,
Covenant relationship as experienced by ancient Israel,
Now only a confusing mystery to the world in love with itself.
Just as it was spoken- “Many are called, but few are chosen.”
Human nature its own worst enemy
Love for the world in hatred towards God;
Yet, it all remains for us
Divine nature, Spirit grace to believe
A new eternal life found in a hand held out by our God
Who cares for us.