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A new bottle of wine
Ready, waiting to be opened
Delicious red wine
Soothing to the taste
Calming, relaxing, intriguing,
Makes the rough day become a little smoother
Anxiety less so,
Stress melts away
Mountains fade into hills
Giants shrink into reality
Ants and gnats and other bugs just go away.
A refreshing drink of new life
From a new wineskin
Gift from the “True Vine”,
Gladness in the heart
Pleasures of life flow
Another vine pruned clean and very fruitful!
Many seek after such goodness, but few seem to find it
Desire for peace and truth
Longing for what is beyond human reach, human effort,
Turbulence and chaos swirl about
Men and women sink to new lows
The same pitfalls as those in ancient days, generations now lost.
Those who drink of pure water, living water
Fruit of the Holy Vine
All rejoice in such goodness revealed,
Though struggles are many, troubles all about
Yet, prayers as songs in the evening
And joy remains in the morning
With a kind heart, a gentle touch
As a weaned child against his mother
Rich milk a comforting memory.
Now Bread of Life in one hand
Cup of new wine in the other
Lord of Life in plain sight,
Lord of Life always near.