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Enough of the noise
The foolish, wasteful noise of the world;
The spirit cries out
The soul groans deeply
Mind strains for true quiet!
Knees touch the rug, cat sleeping on a nearby chair,
In silence prayers can be heard within
Incense can be seen rising above
Moving toward the Throne of Heaven
Place of eternal rest
Source of all that is good
Where arms of love wait
Wrap about every human need,
And peace is birthed once more
A light garment is wrapped about weary shoulders
A fine covering to protect from the abuses of the world
And the abusive people who walk in it.
Mercy crowns the renewed mind
Strength to forgive flows out
Footsteps of wisdom and love are enlarged
And true knowledge is refreshed
Grows in the heart longer, wider, thicker.
Another step can be taken
To walk as He walked
To walk as the “Firstborn from the dead” walked on earth
In the middle of every storm and trial
To walk as the “Faithful Witness”,
In the face of all deceit and hatred
To walk in our body as did the “Ruler of God’s Creation”,
Even as He once walked the streets of Jerusalem.