Love’s revelation demands perseverance
Spirit revelation demands endurance
Love compels
Love truly compels us;
Narrow path, very narrow
Through the Universe
Through a life on earth
Walking the dirt, working the dirt, returning to the dirt,
Yet, our wisdom given soars high above the clouds
Reaches Heaven
Divine wisdom hand in hand
Understanding in rebirth walks the land in confidence.
Wars rage all about
The mind an intense battlefield
Money forces, sexual forces, controlling forces
Fears and doubts in the depths of imagination,
The desire to love and to be loved overwhelms
At times a flood that drowns peace,
But a hand of mercy always reaches out
Rules the moment, saves the day
Redeems the time.
Nothing wasted in God’s Kingdom
Not a crumb of bread
Or the pain of a relationship,
Victories in little things
Grow into large hills
And hills become high mountains,
A strengthened hand even reaches in humility for a star
And touches the Majestic Throne!

The true Words of Life spoken by the Master, written on scrolls
Lived out plainly before all eyes
Made more than vivid by the Holy Spirit;
Joy beyond human emotion
Bursts through the shell
Passes through the thick veil
Walks into and out of any flooded river
Into and out of any raging furnace.
The greatest power to love the unlovely
To discern true beauty in a soul
To grasp one child’s hand in gladness
While holding firmly to another elderly one,
Nothing lost in Messiah’s Kingdom
Not one tear shed for another in prayer,
Not one touch of kindness,
Stroke of compassion on the cheek
Each person met, close or far away,
A prize highly treasured.