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Faithfulness as the stream of life
Runs in and through
Over, under and around those who bathe in this freshness,
Who drink the cool, clear abundance of spirit vitality.
The body is weak, of the earth
Human nature always pulled in many directions
Endless appetites drive the will
Deception as a cloud always near;
But the path of true light
Forever stands ready
More than able
Closer than a breath of air,
Divine love always waits patiently,
The greatness of Heaven.
But for the finger of God
The repeated stumbling would become a sudden fall,
Human frailty into a deep pit
With no way out!
The Faithful Witness has shown all the way
True love takes hold of the hand, touches the heart
Guides earthly footsteps
Cleans off the world’s dirt
Wipes filth from the mind and soul
Heals and gives new will and reason,
New hope for clothing
Common nakedness no shame in God’s sight.
Sorrow alone is found in turning away
Rejecting the kindness revealed
Walking away from all that is shown
To close ears and eyes to treasured wisdom,
Cast dishonor toward Heaven
And become lost once more in a world that quickly forgets,
Easily forgets it Creator, its only gentle Shepherd,
Tramples His complete love given on the Cross.