Gentle voice of the Lord
Tender call of our Messiah
Kind and compassionate touch of favor,
The atmosphere of favor for a moment
Favor for a lifetime
Increased, expanded as a wide cover
For family and friends and strangers
For enemies in prayer.
As a ready song on the lips
Prayer always on the tongue in sweetest sensitivity
Thanksgiving a joyful way of life
Praise continually from a heart truly grateful;
Wonder of the Universe
A created soul chosen to know the King
To see His beauty
To hold His hand as a child,
Such knowledge beyond the mere world
Understanding that soars into the heavens.
Love walks each step of each day given
Feet firmly on the earth, in the present
The many circumstances of “now”,
The humble, the lowly, the common
Mundane tasks in a mundane world;
But holy wisdom sees with eyes the beauty and the truth all about
Every reflection of eternal power
Every display of divine nature,
Life made clear and simple
In Light beyond the sun’s light
A growing hunger above food
Healthy thirst more than water.
The walk of trust is a walk of peace
Everyone in the vast multitude gathered, satisfied
Bread and fish multiplied
Every need met for the “chosen”,
Each individual’s true need miraculously met.
The Lord, our Lord
Our eternal Sabbath Rest
One greater than the temple, greater than the Sabbath,
Confidence throughout this life, in and through our body death,
Confidence remains unshaken!