A cry from the mountaintop
Echoes in the valleys below
Sounds within hearts and minds-
“Return to me!”.
Faithless people
Adrift on seas of fruitlessness
Wander about the barren lands
In search of moments of fame, and wealth and physical beauty,
Social media passions
And the flower of youth to be captured.
Yet, the heart often rings hollow
The mind turns in repeated boring cycles,
The muscles and curves sag and droop;
Luster in the eyes become dull.
Some watch and wonder when the rebellion will run itself out,
The stubbornness run its final course?
The God of mercy stands true
Forgiveness in arms and hands held out
Waiting patiently for some to turn their hearts
To taste the bittersweet of repentance
For His many children of the diverse nations to pray with honest tears
Longing for family, friends, neighbors
And strangers along life’s path to listen at last,
To see and hear
To receive the Promised Seed,
To rise from the grime and deceptive filth of the world,
To reach out for the beauty of Messiah’s truth
The way of life in Spirit truth revealed
Offered by Yeshua
Held out in open hands by the Lord of Heaven,
First Born who swallowed death for all…
Enlightenment but a simple prayer away
Revelation a quickened glimmer of Heaven’s Light
Ready to burst within the heart
Flood within the mind
Delight the soul
And take rightful presence within a reborn spirit.