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This good day
Fresh from the hands of God,
Songs of birds greet the day
Long before the new sun
Even the smallest birds celebrate,
A reminder to us all
Encouragement to those who stagger a little
With burdens of discipleship,
Cup of dark coffee in hand;
A new day birthed
With new beginnings, new chances,
To catch the eye of a stranger
To smile at another
To meet an unexpected friend
To right an old wrong
Forgive an old lover,
Water a good seed here or there
Whisper a prayer
With a chosen cup filled to overflowing
Living water freely to share.
Peace covers as light clothing on a warm day
A pleasant aroma goes before
A fragrance of new delight follows after
Footsteps guided into paths of confidence
Assurance of greatness in simplicity,
Wisdom looks about with humility
Sees many things
Many intricate patterns unfolded
The future now embraced without any fear,
Hope revealed knows what is to come.
The restless churning of nations
Corruption of most of its leaders swirls about
Corporate greed rots away
Worldly wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands;
But the humble
The meek of every place
Rest in divine goodness, the simple flow of each day.
Strong love for family
Love for the true God, for themselves as well
Sensitive, discerning compassion towards strangers,
Widows and orphans as written,
The persecuted near and far away,
Respect for the earth
Respect for the heavens and the oceans, for all water valued
Honor for all forms of life;
Sharp sword of Spirit truth
Carried securely in my warrior’s belt.