The timelessness of Heaven
Where eternity reigns in the beauty of the Holy Spirit,
The many children of destiny endure
Carry refined hope within
A sweet sip of the eternal on their lips
The kiss of truth
Knowledge within of the Eternal One,
Communion in covenant oneness
In a jubilant celebration of life;
As it was in the very beginning
New and fresh and vibrant
Exhilaration of each spirit-breath
Each breath of the new earth air
Majestic reflection of everything created
The wonders of all that was made.
New creations in Messiah’s Kingdom
Walk in timeless love
Streams of joy flow from within
Living hope in the Living God always seen clearly
Faith more than believing.
Soon He will walk in splendor before us all
Our Shepherd who leads
Most tender footsteps
Most gentle guidance
Beautifully radiant smile
Eyes that penetrate the transparent souls
Blazing eyes that flood Light within the spirits,
His holy passion clearly shown
As a Lion’s roar thunders
And the Universe shakes, mountains melt on the “Jewel”,
His tiny Earth.
Soon to be with us in full majesty
A temple of worship all about
His arms stretch, opend wide once more
To embrace all His children
Soon to be present beneath His wings of love.
All His enemies forgotten
As if they never existed
Even some once called “Christian”.