The heart turns
The mind follows
Spirit deep within leads with eyes of light;
God alone gives ears to hear
Creates honest desire within to know,
A longing beyond mere man and the mere world.
Those who truly listen and hear
Repent in their hearts and minds
They turn
Awaken to the greatest reality,
Are newly born into the kingdom of life
A mysterious path that leads upwards
Away from the first death below,
And in the end, the second death!
Yes, the second death that awaits the stubborn and rebellious…
The common failings of mankind
Clearly trumpet the need for inner change
A true heart change spoken of by the Baptist of old
Repeated over and over and over,
From generation to generation
The new beginning baptism of humility and surrender
Baptism into death of self,
And into consuming need for God in a lost and dying world.
Most in early Israel turned away from Him
Most in the present world walk on by the same way
Waving false flags, carrying false religious banners,
From bad to worse, generations follow self-absorbed
More and more deceived, more foolish in pride
Violent and self-destructive,
Content with earthly crumbs
When a most elegant banquet table waits
An overflowing abundance of rich breads and grains and honey
Of healthy meats and wines and fruit,
Vegetables and herbs and spices,
And the Spirit food of Heaven.
So many feed on what does not satisfy
Cheap fast food when delight is so close at hand;
Yet, the baptisms of change still remain near
As a breath
Freely taken hold of and held to the heart by the few
A chance given to truly live, even with death all about.
Once lost, now found in the heavenly Kingdom of Light
Once alone, now together in the heavenly family,
Once hungry and thirsty
Now seated in peace at the eternal banquet even as King David wrote,
Bread and wine a cherished daily food.