Godly warriors
Gentle, tender, humble and spiritually ferocious,
Strong till the end
Chosen ones who bow only before the Holy One;
They have weathered all storms
Thick clouds of deceit
Both large and small waves of deceit
Relentless waves of lies
Both scars and fresh wounds of persecution,
Disciplined leanness of the flesh
Forced poverty of the body
Torment and suffering known of those loved close at hand,
Of those living across the seas.
Multiple visions given in the Spirit,
The Cross more powerful
The Cross eternally enduring,
Those crucified to the world
The world crucified to them.
Each soul more precious
Each good seed planted highly valued, a sacred joy,
The hand, the work of the Lord in and through
Circumstances divinely engineered
Every contingency of encounters precise
Each smile, each prayer, each word spoken as heavenly jewels,
And then the impossible- love for enemies!
The Word in our hearts
The Word in our minds
Spiritual armor worn day and night,
Even as winds howl about
Painful driven rain and hail;
But the soul is already given over
The spirit bowed before the Throne,
Body spent freely, willingly
An offering of thanksgiving
Spiritual worship
To suffer a portion as the King did
To take small sips from the only cup
Honor to face tribulation as so many others.
Truth of Light a crown
Darkness of lies beneath the feet
Even tales of aliens and extraterrestrials
Revealed to save the world from itself,
Smile of Satan on religious faces
Who parade as church leaders, lords of the flocks
Royal robes, holy robes
Death befits them well.