In our world of overbearing deceitfulness
Where the shadows of lies cover from the top on down
Even as the “father of lies” projects his dark power,
For a person, a family, a tribe, a nation
For a business, a corporation, a government
Money is never enough,
Greed cries out often mixed with fear- “Always more!”
Never ending desire for more
Money needs stand stretched in lines out to the horizons;
On a distant chill wind a song is carried
Words and melodies from a lost, spiritually fading generation.
Stuffing appetites, the only playground for the rich,
Lust for more the age old mantra
As the newest world order for control
Drips with hands in blood.
Innocence the first casualty
Blameless ones quickly sacrificed
Much as the civilians in every war fought,
Blood often spilled before the throne of darkness
Where the “evil one” sits in arrogant pride and perverse delight
Ruthless influence and even control over nations.
Wealth and power and currency
Creative debt, a simple way for government control to shake mountains,
To flatten hills,
The poor always made ready to be trampled.
Yet, the rich remain more easily manipulated
Greed as the mother’s milk
With America’s Mystery Babylon astride the Beast
Mother of prostitutes, large and rounded breasts fully exposed,
Offered at seductive costs
The prices of mixed red wine in cups set to enable those drunk with power
With a style and flare
“The wicked act wickedly”,
Greed as true idolatry, the world’s true worship
Control as true witchcraft, the world’s ultimate praise.
But, mostly hidden away
Protected and secure,
Sheltered and at peace
In a Place, a Presence known by too few
Beneath golden wings and a vast glowing cloud
A wall of fire about,
The poor of the world stand chosen to be rich in heavenly faith
As God above all separates them to Himself.

*”Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God.”