Men without courage
Without the will to do what is right
Or even the hint of desire to be honest,
Blind leading the blind
A pit before them
A deeper pit behind;
Leaders strut about in arrogance
Admire the beauty of their strength and wealth
Marvel at their own wisdom and cleverness
Media power to control the people
To manipulate the herds
Divide the flocks over and over,
Those in modern Israel not without their share.
The Judge stands at Messiah’s door
Even He who spoke all things into being
Sovereign King over all,
Will not wink or nod
With exact justice in the balance
Precisely for the good of His people,
Honor of the only Name;
Faithfulness or its lack
Critical in the balance of all called “leader”.
The deceivers, the corrupt will be tossed headlong
Just rewards always at the fingertips,
Those more cunning than themselves
Fade away into the shadows
Darkness soon to swallow whole;
Liars bent on lying
Wicked smile on the lips,
The few who think they rule
Men and women with inbred royalty, self-anointed
Favor gained often at the feet of the prince of darkness,
Will wake up to eternity
In the lake of fire.