Fresh grapes from the vine
Rich, dark, plump and sweet
Each bunch heavy in the hand,
Abundance received with transparent gladness.
Gratefulness breaks out in an honest smile
The sweat of so much effort
Tirelessly working the vineyard
Now worth more than imagined
A harvest fit for a king,
A Holy King
A true and worthy King,
The One who is forever more than able.
A new life has been given
When all seemed lost
Adrift in a thick fog
Where every grasp at reality is fruitless
Dry branches, dead leaves withered
Lifeless in depression, in despair
The human will at its numbing end.
Then heavy eyes are suddenly opened
A simple cup is held to the dry lips
Sips are taken into the mouth
A cough, the throat clears
And another longer drink freely flows;
Real life becomes known
Understanding is shown the only absolute truth
As new wine gives new life
In Heaven’s power and wisdom!
God’s new life is given in rebirth
The spirit of a man born again,
The spirit of a woman born again
Awake, alive in the eternal Kingdom
Place of the King who is Eternal Life.