Friendship in the time of need
The season when true friendship costs,
Great patience in listening
Generosity in giving freely what belongs to another;
The One who has given us all
Water, air, breath and life
Things to eat, clothes to wear
Plus peace and contentment now seemingly lost to the world,
And rest in the Kingdom of Light
A touch of Heaven as a constant companion.
The narrow road has many travelers
Many who seek to hold on to another’s hand,
We walk this brief path together
Shepherd before, Shepherd after
Fellowship of our great family all about,
Even angels in our midst!
How precious those from the early days
When new wine was first tasted
Youthful zeal and enthusiasm for truth and meaning
Eternal reality the prized treasure as a fire within,
Israel’s Messiah discovered as the way, the truth and the life
The sum of all truth in reality;
The lies of the world dropped as dead skin from a serpent.
Years that have gone by in my own life
Memories as clear as in the beginning,
Those I loved
Those I tried to love,
Those known, those who stumbled together in darkness
Trials and tender moments of human frailty,
With so many possibilities held out,
Choices and decisions.
But Spirit truth rules this new day,
A brilliant dawning light met with exuberance
In the Lord of Hope,
The Lord of Heaven and Earth, even beyond the Universe;
And His children who love Him
His children who still learn to love one another
To follow in His kindness
Holding out hearts of sincere care
And eternal friendship.