Plucked from the fire
Child of the earth
Bound for the great things of this world
Fame and wealth and prestige
Youthful beauty and widespread control
Influence and sway,
Child of the earth destined for the dust.
Dark powers pretend as light
Mind often tempted, mind often deceived
No real inner sense of goodness
No hint of eternal knowledge
No intuitive gleam in the eyes
Or fresh breath in the Holy Spirit.
Sour as sweet, darkness as light
No true reverent fear of the Holy God
Before whom all must stand;
Yet, Sovereignty overshadows all
Even the death touch of Lucifer.
Holy Word above all
The Author of Life speaks
Creator of every infinite detail
As well as the eternal spirit of every man and woman,
Angels righteous and those unfaithful fallen,
All by His divine hand.
Prayers of love before the Throne
Continually offered as incense
Aroma of good desire before the Kingdom Throne of Messiah
Fragrance of the will to live and to love greater,
Love that conquered
Love that conquers the darkness;
Circumstances designed and brilliantly ordered
Footsteps established
And one more who is badly lost is found
The eyes of the Shepherd pierce through every horizon
Until the lost sheep is found
Made clean and secure at last,
One woman deceived and eternally dead in spirit receives new life,
The greatest gift for any human
Pulled from the destructive fires of natural destiny
Now clean and pure, alive forever in the presence of Royalty
To stand in Spirit freedom before the most powerful King.