Open hearts
Can lead to open wounds,
Tenderness offered, but often rejected
Gentleness at times met by rough hands.
Angels serve God’s children
Holy angels compelled by Heaven’s love
Compassion to help the children from day to day
In the bitter, angry face of the world,
A world full of rebellion and stubbornness
When pride rules with a brutal touch.
Many turn and run here and there
In search for comfort and love
The gnawing hunger for true friendship
A peaceful companion to share the dark nights
To seek moments of escape and encouragement;
How often so little is asked
When the hands of true divine love are simply held out,
To a defiant nation
To a proud and selfish land.
The Lord of Harvest stands forever true
His Word of Life and Light unchanging,
All who come to Him
All who take His strong Shepherd’s hand
And humble themselves to look into those eyes of consuming love
Fire eyes that wept over Lazarus,
Compassionate eyes that wept over Jerusalem
Over all who looked upon Him that day of triumph
But did not recognize Him.
Most of His Jewish inheritance did not receive Him
The eternal power of creation, of life stood before them
Divine nature within easy reach
And His heart was torn,
Blood and water flowed
As love conquered hate and death,
As love conquered both the moment and eternity.
Soon after a fountain gushed
Healing waters overflowed
Many thousands throughout the Holy City awakened
Throughout all Israel enlightened
Jews in Gentile lands drank sips from the Savior’s cup
Joy spread, joy multiplied over and over
As branches of Gentile generations grafted in to the Kingdom Tree.
Even today,
This very day the same
Jews and Gentiles alike drink from the cup the same,
One new and complete victorious nation.