Another heart yearns and deeply longs
Often for what is not understood
A desire to grasp, to know
To take hold of true life
A desperate prayer for a fuller and richer life;
This heavenly encouragement
This Godly challenge given to seek
Chance to reach for the ultimate quest
Fulfillment in an earthbound life
Eternal satisfaction at rest within an earthbound body;
A field of exquisite, beautiful flowers
Joins with many others
In an expanse farther than eyes can see,
The Garden of our Lord.
Then, the material world and its money intrigues intrude
A loud, unwanted uninvited guest
Obnoxious and overbearing
Forceful and controlling.
How many can shake off the thick worldly mantle
Heavy coat with many pockets
Heavy load of stress to buy and sell, to get and have,
Unpaid bills lined up from birth to death.
A chosen relatively few bow on earth in enlightened humility
Reach prayerful hands of need into the heavens
And touch the throne of God’s mercy,
Spirit revelation of wonder covers them
Reality of their Redeemer, His cross
Knowledge settles as a light robe, a simple white linen covering
And there is living peace,
Separation from the world and its ways
Separation from greed and fear.
A Hand of Love reaches back
A Hand of trust and rest
Hands of provision
Hands of eternal trust,
Hunger and thirst for His Kingdom always first,
Then, every need in this life fully met.