Divine truth placed before your eyes
Eternal peace now suddenly stands before you,
The dark mystery of human nature fully exposed in vulgar nakedness,
The Light of life burns through forcefully, purifies
Removes all that once stood tall in pride
Solidly on the earth, in the selfish world
Vanity, pride of life, of this world’s ways,
Possessions, abilities, strengths, self-confidence
Treasured thoughts of the mind
Its memories, its endless imaginations
Self-exultation of the will of man
Egocentric woman a present celebration of fading youthful beauty.
When death takes over
Wraps about all that you are or thought you would be
Numbing the will
Controlling thoughts as a vile throne from a base, common place
Dominates and suffocates,
Stubborn rebellion a borrowed, boring mantra
Belief in bizarre spirituality,
Abstract and absurd science fiction of the soul.
A small cloud rises off in the distance
In an ancient, drought plagued land
A hardened sky, a hardened desert place,
The prophet of God, Elijah, looks and instantly understands
He knows with his being.
In our modern day
New hunger and new thirst is revealed to another soul
A larger, very bright cloud also like a hand penetrates the Universe,
An enlightened perception of new reality
And true hunger is birthed,
True thirst is drawn out finely with precision;
The finger of our Sovereign God touches one more with His favor
And the new heart begins to truly perceive,
Heavenly words settle in the mind and heart
The spirit and soul begins to believe in Him!
Parched lips try to speak those words
A fountain of new life wells up
Flows as beautiful sounds come out-
“Jesus, Anointed One, Messiah, Yeshua my Lord!”
A new creation of God is birthed on earth.