The heart longs
A soul yearns
Mind so strained and pulled
Tears well up from within;
Oh, for a true place of safety during the storm
Guidance in a journey across this desert land
To be wrapped about with warm arms of love and comfort
To see the Temple of our God’s heart
Revealed in the New Jerusalem descending
Settling down smoothly, delightfully from Heaven
A gentle autumn leaf,
Much as a steady rain soothes and comforts the summer growth
Fields of wheat and corn, other grains
Drinking in the wealth from above,
The farmers nearby who worked the soil
Scattered the good seed
Take refreshing, relaxing breaths of cleanest air,
Encouragement in confirmation so needed!
The children of Heaven from all nations rejoice as well,
The latter rains beyond every expectation
More than anything imagined or hoped for
To rest in such abundance
Joy in truest riches,
Wonderful things, glimpses of Light now seen
What ears had heard
Voices from ancient Holy Books written come alive,
Things now more splendid
Majesty more beautiful
Freedom itself stands in awe
Arms lifted at the presence of Glory,
Temple shelter from any possible storm
Any scorching heat or freezing cold,
Any possible threat, any dark cloud, any savage hand;
Caught up in the vision of a martyr who sees clearly through the present day
And into eternity already brightly revealed-
The Lord of the Universe stands to greet another
A welcome smile and shared laughter of the Shepherd
The One who created the small gate
The narrow road, enlightened path
Already deeply experienced, keenly known.