The Kingdom of Light shines
The King often waits very patiently
Even as the seas below churn
Dark clouds powerfully boil up over the lands
And soldiers of the nations drop like flies in piles all about,
The tragic waste of another generation;
Rotten fruit of the arrogant pride of the wealthy few
Egos and wills a mixture of self and Lucifer and lustful control.
America plays her assigned role zealously
Pawns moved here, pawns moved there
Diabolical plans formed long ago
Unfolded before the many numb and reckless and spiritually dead;
Voices of justice and clear reason treated as thorns
Voices of divine truth as threats to be feared and silenced
Unbearable proof of the head of their snake already crushed,
Beneath a heel, the powers of darkness forever destroyed.
The Earth, even the United States with slave camps and guillotines ready
All the brutal trappings of extreme fascist strength
Deception, gathering methods, controlling lying propaganda
Collection venues and many places to dispose of the human waste;
Corrupt men, corrupted women in forced leadership
Insatiable hunger for blood in these minds, in these dark hearts
And on the hands of many willing foot soldiers.
God’s chosen ones are separated to life
Walk an enlightened path leading upwards
A way lined in the beauty of pure knowledge,
All others cast headlong into fearful darkness and eventual fire
Worse than their satanic imaginations can imagine!