Shelter, refuge from this selfish day
The fickle heat, the cold of this world,
Greedy America, arrogant and idolatrous
Gone the futile way of all worldly empires
But dust and ash, blown about by Heavenly Winds.
The Spirit of Messiah has lifted us up
Seated in eternal Sabbath rest at His side
We have become disciples, lost sheep taught to keep in step
Led by the Living Word flowing as a stream from within,
Death to self, life only through the Cross of triumph
Cup of Spirit truth always at our lips
Prayerful revelation, daily bread of His Word;
Zeal and spiritual fervor the flame that now burns,
Separation from the world
Set apart from all those who love it.
A two-edged sword flashes Heaven’s brilliance
Precise cut of God’s Spirit
Fine and sharp and pure
Hidden path through this troubled world revealed
Earth rises up as well in celebration for coming freedom.
True life found only in the Holy Spirit,
Moment by moment
Day by day strung out as rare precious stones,
Even “Jewish Jewels” pulse with new light from a new source
At home within
At rest in Him,
Our eyes see Wisdom with purest Light.