Wide awake in a sleepy house,
Long before dawn these eyes have looked above
Beyond the clouds and moon, and out through the stars
A soul in deepest yearning, at the doorstep of the Third Heaven, bowed low;
The heavy heart churns,
Those numberless in far off lands
Oppressed and persecuted and crushed
Yet, perseverance and endurance reign.
But so very many so close at hand in America
Unable, unwilling to truly see and hear,
Even as the trumpet voice of God commands
With drought, with earthquake, tornado and ocean storms,
And a clear, still small voice ready to speak within
As sun and moon, as countless stars shout out,
Eternity in reflected likeness in the face of Majesty;
Earth winds, ocean currents and energy waves move in power
Springs, wells, streams, rivers, pools and lakes of the heart and mind
Filled to overflowing,
Many things openly displayed bordering on infinity,
Marvels of the human body in beauty, strength, in biochemistry,
Hungers of the soul
Eternal thirst of the spirit!
The clear call has now gone out to those with ears to hear-
“Stand ready!”
No time, no excuses left,
The Door suddenly to be shut.