A serpent moves through the tall grass
Stealth and subtlety,
Division and confusion,
Deception, lies and lust move the same
To sap and drain the life away
To move another from the secure rest
Each one who has seen a revelation of the coming glory
Who has tasted true Kingdom fruit
Understood the Cross of Messiah
Understood this captive world!
Yet, the weak flesh is pulled
Mind teased and twisted
Every possible temptation connived
And sadly many step out of safe shelter
Into a most ruthless snare,
Mystery of man, puzzle of woman
To know the Light
To walk in the truth
Yet, to look back;
Corrupt seed of double-mindedness
True life before them
Death left far behind
But, they turn
Take secret sips from the cup of red natural wine
Wine of now, wine of this world
Rich wine exulted by Mystery Babylon.
How often they stand in enlightened beauty
Only to stumble headlong
So easily turn the eyes and thoughts away
Follow after money and youthful sensual appetites
What can never satisfy,
Pretend to hold two sides of a coin
Within each hand
Only to become tied into awful knots
And cast off into spiritual darkness.