In the beginning
Before time began in this one human life,
A child of destiny,
The finger of the Holy God touched
And the Royal Sovereignty
In Divine foreknowledge
Set apart another to be His own.
Throughout the created Earth
Throughout all generations
From Bashan to the Sinai
Dead Sea to the Great Sea,
Then scattered throughout the nations,
A people truly set apart.
From Adam and Eve a golden thread of mercy flows out,
Crimson, blue and purple woven into a pure cord
A silver cord Spirit of Life;
From the Throne in Heaven
Through a thousand generations
Through the very heart of Yeshua pierced through
And back to Heaven’s Throne.
This one too was included
This one now fully alive
Crowned with the gift of eternal wisdom
Clothed with a robe of clear understanding wrapped about peace,
Messiah’s peace, Messiah’s love indwells,
Eternal qualities, as a portion of the divine character
Alive in one more human child.
How great the gift
How beyond greatness the Giver;
This person knows
This one speaks and writes truth
Shares understanding, offers encouragement
In worship, in prayer, in his simple daily walk
As a continual song of praise
Faith in action compelled by love.