I am thankful for the rain
That falls
From the clouds of heaven
Onto the desert earth.
Love sprinkled into a heart
Hungry with the humility of need
When pride and self are crushed,
The spirit finally broken
And the hands of a man
Lift up towards the mercy of grace.
The point of victory in time
When angelic celebration
Surrounds the Throne of Joy,
Another one drawn by the Father
Joined to the Son
Who shepherds each man, each woman
To final eternal soul and spirit peace,
Heaven’s unending Sabbath rest
Where shalom reigns sovereignly
In the brilliant, majestic face
Of Messiah, King of the Universe
Lord of each moment.

**I am thankful for the Holy Words written by the Holy Spirit through men long ago. And I am thankful for the Spirit of Messiah, the Spirit of truth who enables me to read and understand, to discern what was written. For making it part of me. And I part of it. Human nature alone and human effort stands apart from this gift, this ability. The true Bread of God has come down from Heaven to give us all life. All who will receive it from His hand. All who need Him.