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Children of Israel

Natural or “grafted in”

Descendants of faith given as a true life force,

Power greater than gravity

Greater than heat or cold

Greater than any chemistry or biochemistry

Greater than any emotion or inspired will, any intuition;

Beyond any human imagination.

Such treasures we have discovered, revealed in words written long ago,

Hearts are torn

Tears of repentance flow

As a veil is lifted,

Things hidden for so long now seen in the brilliance of the face of our Messiah.

The suffering of generations

Endless pains of childbirth have gone on too long,

Spirit revelation comes from above

Things of the mind, clear understanding

Now made known to the willing hearts.

Demands of survival in this world overwhelming

Fleeting and foolish, false money security efforts

Seeds of passion methodically sown long ago

Yet, fruit withers on the trees;

Vines dried up as so many wandered alone

As castoffs scattered

Separated from destined reality usurped,

Oh, the weight of generations

The crushing heartache.

Suddenly ancient words have come alive

Prophets of old become new-

Zechariah and Isaiah

Jeremiah and Ezekiel,

All the others faithful, obedient as Moses.

The weight, love driven responsibility

Burden of Godly care shouldered,

Plan of the Divine One

At last in meticulous precision made bright and clear;

A broken hearted nation will turn,

Tribes joined to their Eternal Lord.