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Peace flows in a steady stream

Always deep enough

Always wide enough

Cool and sweet, pure and clean

Holy waters that flow from Heaven

From the very heart of God;

Beyond human understanding

A gift for every humble believing child,

For all who receive Him.

The world destroys what love builds up

Restless, foaming ocean tides,

So many struggle, surge back and forth

As a wild flood breaks out of river banks

Surges across the land

Drowns all in its way;

The world and those who belong to it, cruelly wash over humanity

Drown the life and good purposes

Flood indiscriminately,

All and everything in its path

Washed away, swept away,

Sodden, drowned, always another left all alone, cut off.

A man and a women lie in bed together

Dreams comfort in rest

Body warmth nurtures and soothes common encouragement,

Most natural, most healthy affection

The deepest covenant intimacy,

Passionate hearts that long for one another,

Desire for closeness celebrates in trust

Secure in the trust of such love.

There is a river that runs true

River of life, of love and peace

Shalom that flows in and about,

Israel’s Messiah’s peace, the very presence of our God

Flows down to us from the Throne seated so high above,

Majesty beyond our heaven and earth.