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Lost without a shepherd

They wander the barren hills

Very little water,

Very little food.

Groans and moaning can be heard

Eyes seem to stare blankly

Many have already fallen to the ground

Abandoned by false shepherds

Deceivers who feed only themselves

Who fled at the wolf’s howling command. 

The Lord Almighty has watched every minute detail,

Judgment as a tool of discipline,

Judgment given as bitter food for the soul.

But compassion remains kindled as flames

A Heavenly fire of passion rises,

For His own, the Lord of Mercy steps forward-

Nothing will be wasted

Not a crumb of bread

Nothing wasted of all seeds sown of justice.

As a father to a small child

A father to a wayward son finally returned,

Love compels the God of Love;

Bright streaks of color suddenly light up the early evening sky

A large sword knifes through the air

Flashes with brilliance

Precise, uniquely focused.

A remnant will be saved

Across a rebellious land

Throughout a stubborn mix of people

A remnant will be saved!

Spirit Words pour forth to wash the hearts

Living Words as a fountain for the spirit and soul,

A clean robe, and a ring on the finger

Holy Name of Messiah as a seal on the forehead,

A remnant even in America will be saved!