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A sensitive child lost in an overbearing adult world

Terrible times swirl all about

As spoken long ago, as written long ago

Most vivid portrait displayed long ago;

Wisdom glows even in a moment of sadness

Reveals the truth of any division

One against another

One against himself, herself,

Nations against Israel!

Yet, how many children wander away

Separated from love

The warm assuring touch of a mother

The strong arms of a father?

But there is another who loves greater

A Father who is always near

A Lord who always cares,

Kindness and gentleness surround

A presence more powerful

A presence more absolute,

The will of our Heavenly Father

Creator of all that is good

Perfect plan of our only Lord

Faithful above all His flock

Comforter of every pain

Every hurt, every disappointment

Consumed by Kingdom love

Zeal for all His own,

Each precious life birthed on earth

The sanctity in purpose of every human created.

True eternal desire for each burns in the heart

Longing grips at the very depth and height,

A river of purifying fire flows before Him

Throne of Majesty all ablaze.