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Morning sounds surround the back porch

Water rushes in the creek below

Birds close by, birds further off,

Many birds in early celebration of a new day.

A slight breeze moves the smaller branches and leaves,

Neighbors quiet

Cars quiet

Dogs quiet,

Truly a simple reflection of the beauty of peace

Where stillness in heavenly confidence reigns

As all trust rests upon the breath of His Spirit,

Messiah’s comfort always near.

The mind is thankfully still as well

Breathing calm and relaxed,

Mankind’s world tries always to usurp

Throws about the weight and muscle of money, of control,

Jobs and bills, investments and ambitions and work

Beauty and strength of wandering youth,

Self-importance pretends to rule each day;

But who seeks God

Who has searched at last for life and meaning

As for silver, as for treasures of gold

When deepest need became bare and known.

He has taken hold of the greater wealth

She now has riches beyond this world

Wisdom as the growth of Redwoods made simple,

Qualities of personal character to truly appreciate the earth

And to walk a path of awareness and compassionate caring,

Footsteps of a Shepherd easy to follow

A voice of triumph that leads,

Authority that opened all seven seals

And broke all bounds,

Shook off the fears of man

And then destroyed the fear of death

Intimidation of the evil one,

Condemned, fallen Lucifer.